From Our Board President & CEO

2016: A Year of Dreams

As dream-makers, Sunshine is always on the giving end of hope, reinforcing optimism and opportunity in those who need it most. In 2016, we were very fortunate to again be on the receiving end of tremendous support from many individuals, businesses, and communities, coming together to help us not only continue our mission to positively impact the lives of children across Canada, but to create new opportunities to grow in our ability to do so in a way that is both meaningful and sustainable.

Reflecting upon 2016, we had an important year of outreach and listening. We commissioned our own national research project, we connected with our healthcare referral partners to gather valuable insights into the need for impact based programming in Canada, and we listened to over 600 children, parents, and Sunshine DreamLift program volunteers from every province through our annual impact and quality surveys. We also began an outreach program to listen to hundreds of volunteers across the country to assist us in the evolution of our national volunteer program. And, we listened to individual donors and community supporters about how they want to be involved with Sunshine and how they want to give.

We did a lot of asking and a lot of listening. From all this listening, we received some valuable learning:

There is tremendous impact happening because of the work we do, examples of which you will find throughout the pages of this community report.

There are over 63,000 children in Canada who qualify for a Sunshine Dream Program, providing us with an understanding of the capacity we need to grow towards.

Sunshine has a strong, positive reputation with the healthcare referral partners we work with across Canada and we have high quality scores from Sunshine Dreamers and their families.

Our volunteers and donors are passionate about Sunshine’s mission but many want to work with us differently than in the past challenging us to think differently and creatively, and inspiring new initiatives to get people involved such as Sunshine Float for Dreams and Nathan’s Garage Sale.

As we look to the future, we are encouraged by what we learned. We will continue to listen, adapt, and respond to our stakeholders. We will remain focused on our goal to grow total revenue so we can serve even more young dreamers with our Sunshine Dream Programs. We will continue to be “Dreamer-led”, creating customized dream experiences as unique as each child who dreams them, and we will continue to share with you the impact that a Sunshine Dream Program provides.

Everything we have been able to accomplish this past year is a result of the incredible support we receive from our extended Sunshine family – our caring supporters, our compassionate healthcare partners, our dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers. We thank you for your continued support and invite you to reflect with us on 2016, a year of Sunshine Dreams come true.

The Honourable Ed Holder
National Board President

Nancy Sutherland
Chief Executive Officer