Donors Making a Difference

Daryl Stone, a former RCMP Staff Sergeant from Maple Ridge, BC, first became involved with Sunshine in 1990. Now over 25 years later, Daryl continues to donate his time, talent, and treasure as a volunteer and monthly donor.

When asked what keeps him involved, he says, “Sunshine Dream Programs provide a wonderful opportunity for a child, giving them a little break from their many daily challenges. Seeing the happiness and smiles of the children is what makes it so gratifying.”

During his years serving in various capacities with Sunshine, Daryl has experienced many touching and memorable moments. During one of his first experiences with Sunshine, he recalls that the kids “knocked [his] socks off!” One of his favourite memories is from a Sunshine walk-a-thon in the 1990s when he was partnered with a young boy named Marco who had cerebral palsy and was in a wheelchair. That day, Daryl and Marco created a strong bond which developed into a lasting friendship with the two continuing to visit regularly.

“Dreams make such a change for not only the child, but for the whole family. As a long-time supporter, I’ve had the privilege to see the far-reaching outcomes from the Dream experience.”

Being a monthly donor is the easiest way to give and ensure that Sunshine has a predictable source of income to support dream fulfillment. Daryl explains what keeps him donating monthly, “Sunshine is such a well-run charity and the work is absolutely uplifting. It really makes you feel good that you can make someone’s dream come true.”

Daryl continues to be a passionate ambassador and donor for Sunshine, saying, “There’s no end date for my involvement with Sunshine!” In 2015 he was the recipient of the Wayne C. Dunn Spirit of Service Award, an award that recognizes outstanding volunteer support in support of Sunshine’s mission over an extended period of time.

On behalf of everyone at Sunshine and the children we serve, we celebrate individuals like Daryl and the thousands of supporters to Sunshine whose contributions impact so many lives. Your caring spirit makes it happen, your heart makes the difference, and we are continually grateful.