Lucas' Story

A Dream Swings Into Action

Ten-year-old Lucas is an active boy who loves biking and playing baseball with his friends. He doesn’t miss a single opportunity to try everything. Living with a spinal cord injury has given Lucas fuel to challenge himself and inspire others.

One of the obstacles Lucas encountered last year was his school’s playground which wasn’t designed to be accessible. It meant he couldn’t join his friends or be as active as he wanted to be during recess and after school. So with his heart on his sleeve, Lucas submitted a Sunshine Dream for a disk swing at his school where everyone could enjoy it, no matter their abilities.

His reasoning, Lucas’ mom explains, was that “this swing would give everyone at this amazing school something that isn’t modified, adapted or recreated to include [others]. Just there letting kids do what they do best – play!” Lucas’ Sunshine Dream grew from there. His school decided it was time to make their playground more inclusive with rubber matting and a merry-go-round.


Everything changed for Lucas since then. Before, his dream, his school days were summed up by a shrugged statement of “Good”, but now, his mom describes, “Lucas comes home bursting with happy stories about the wild rides he and his friends share together on the swing. He gets so much joy from time spent with friends and is able to do exactly what they’re doing. These memories are going to be precious for Lucas as he grows up.”

And Lucas isn’t the only one having a blast on the swing. He’s proud to see other kids using it, including a younger child who also lives with a disability.