From Our Board President & CEO

In 2017 You Helped Jordan Rebuild His Dream

When a 19 year old young man from St. John’s Newfoundland reached out for help, you gave us the power to make his dream come true.

Jordan is a bright athletic teen who loves hockey more than life itself. So when Jordan suffered from a stroke and his doctors said he’d never play again, he thought that his one true passion was over.

Just think about that for a minute. You’re 19 years old, and you’ve been told you’re never going to do the thing you love again.

But here’s where it gets better: Jordan’s dream was to meet a famous hockey player. And not just any hockey player. He wanted to meet Kris LeTang.

Why? Because LeTang (who plays defence for the Pittsburgh Penguins) had suffered from a stroke as well. It happened when he was 26. But he’d battled his way back, eventually becoming a three-time Stanley Cup Champion.

Jordan wanted to know how he did it.

Your support means kids can keep dreaming

Jordan is the reason I get up in the morning. He’s also the reason I am so grateful to every one of you – every volunteer, every donor, every corporate partner. I’m grateful for every one of you who thought “this child’s dream needs to come true, and I’m going to make it happen.”

Only with your support are we able to make these dreams come true.

This year alone your gifts gave us the power to grant 50 dreams to some incredibly special kids. You also helped us fly 80 kids from Hamilton, Ontario to Walt Disney World Resorts®, Orlando for Sunshine DreamLift Brantford 2017.  That’s 80 kids who came home with inspiration to persevere, find strength, grown, and realize their potential.
You play a huge part in helping Sunshine dreamers across Canada unleash the power of imagination and hope. And every gift – of time, talent or treasure – allows us to do more. Thank YOU.

A happy ending for Jordan
And Jordan? Well, with your help, he was able to meet his hero.

Kris was incredibly generous with his time. He told Jordan exactly what it took to get back in the game and was inspired himself upon meeting Jordan and hearing his story. Jordan, filled with new hope and determination, vowed to make a full recovery. And today, he’s back on the ice, doing what he loves.

You did that.  Your simple acts of kindness and generosity gave Jordan back his dream.
Thank you for supporting 30 years of dream making. With your continued help, 2018 will be just as amazing.

For Jordan and so many others, you make a real difference.
Thank you so much.

The Honourable Ed Holder
National Board President

Nancy Sutherland
Chief Executive Officer