Nathan's Garage Sale

Sunshine Alumnus Pays it Forward

The mega garage sale Nathan and his family organize annually ensures more Sunshine dreams will come true. Nathan’s Garage Sale has grown from a single location at Nathan’s Brantford home to businesses, neighbourhoods, and schools taking up Nathan’s challenge to host their own fundraiser. What started as a young teenager’s passion to pay forward his appreciation for his dream come true is growing into a garage sale community in support of young dreamers like Nathan.

As a teenager living with cerebral palsy, Nathan dreamed of being able to explore his neighbourhood on his own bike, just like his friends. To make his dream come true, Nathan needed a custom built adaptive tandem bicycle and a new shed to store the oversized frame. When he was sixteen years old, Nathan and his parents learned about Sunshine’s Dream Program. Nathan’s application was approved and his adaptive tandem bicycle was customized. As he hoped, his dream provided him independence and freedom beyond anything he could have imagined.

Nathan’s determination to continue to ‘pay-it-forward’ is helping kids like him living with severe physical disabilities or life-threatening illnesses experience their unique dream come true. Three years since his first sale, Nathan has raised over $7,000 for Sunshine and is already at work planning for his 4th Annual Nathan’s Garage Sale set for summer 2018. Nathan’s story continues to inspire individuals and business leaders to say ‘yes’ to organizing their own local sale to help make more Sunshine dreams like Nathan’s comes true. Join the Nathan’s Garage Sale family and plan your garage sale today. Contact us at to learn more about the program.

Our heartfelt thank you to Nathan and his family for their passion to give back and their generosity of spirit. It is our privilege to work alongside Nathan to help spark Nathan’s Garage Sales from coast to coast. Nathan’s mega garage sale is a family and community effort and a garage sale must attend this summer.

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More than anything, Nathan wanted to be able to ride a bike. Living with cerebral palsy, this simple act performed by kids all across the country seemed like an unattainable dream.

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