The Impact of a Sunshine Dream

For a child with a severe physical disability or life-threatening illness, a Sunshine Dream is a launching pad to a better, more hopeful future. It ignites imagination, builds confidence, and creates a powerful ‘Yes I Can’ with a lasting impact for the child, their family and their caring community.

Right now, more than 63,000 Canadian children could qualify for a Sunshine Dream. Let’s help them look past barriers, unleash new possibilities and write a brighter future story.

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Sunshine Dreams

A Sunshine Dream is an individual experience, dreamed by a child and brought to life by our dedicated team of dream makers. These experiences are as unique as the kids who dream them and can include family members in the customized adventure. From meeting a hero to petting a penguin, we encourage kids to dream big and dream bold.

Since 1987, Sunshine has fulfilled more than 8,000 dreams for children across Canada.

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Sunshine DreamLift

A Sunshine DreamLift is a day of “Yes!” and a whirlwind adventure that transports a plane full of Sunshine Children to a Disney theme park and back home all in one day! Sunshine DreamLift is an unforgettable experience with new friends, a first plane ride, and a taste of independence away from parents.

The 62nd Sunshine DreamLift took off from Brantford, ON on May 2nd, 2017.