Sunshine DreamLift Brantford

A Day of “Firsts and Yes-es!”

In 1987, The Sunshine Foundation of Canada had a bold dream: to transport a plane filled with medically challenged children on a whirlwind trip to a Disney theme park and back home – all in one day! The logistics were daunting, the resources significant, and the responsibility huge, but the results – for all involved - were life-transforming.

Now, thirty years later, Sunshine’s nationally acclaimed DreamLift Program continues to empower children and youth living with severe physical disabilities or life-threatening illnesses. These one-day shared Disney adventures build confidence and unleash dreams for a brighter future.

While DreamLift planning and excitement begins months in advance, hopes and dreams truly take wing when the plane leaves the tarmac. And so it was in the pre-dawn hours of May 2, 2017 when 79 children from Brantford, Hamilton and Waterloo Region departed John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport for Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida.

Referral partners from McMaster Children’s Hospital, KidsAbility, Lansdowne Children’s Centre, CNIB, and The Ear and Hearing Clinic with Julianne Shantz had recommended the trusted Sunshine organization to these families, and a skilled team of medical professionals, healthcare workers, specialized support volunteers and emergency service personnel accompanied the journey, encouraging each child to lead their own day.

Whether it was cotton candy for breakfast, ten trips on Splash Mountain or taking charge of one’s own spending money, the Sunshine DreamLift provided an unparalleled day of ‘firsts’ and ‘yes-es’ to ignite newfound confidence, independence and personal potential. For children and their families, the Sunshine DreamLift has a lasting impact, often remembered and celebrated as “the best day of their lives.”

Special thanks to Sunshine’s long-time volunteer champions from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, DEA and the Federal Air Marshall’s Service as well as the “Dream Team” of local businesses, community partners, and donors.

Sincere appreciation to the “Dream Team” of local Brantford and region businesses, community partners, and donors whose generous contributions made the 62nd Sunshine DreamLift possible.

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Sunshine DreamLift Brantford Sponsors:

Additional Sunshine DreamLift Brantford Sponsors:

Speed Fastening Systems Inc., Conestoga College Pre-Service Firefighters, Conestoga College Police Foundations program, Best Western Brantford Hotel and Conference Centre, Fat Panda Studios, and the staff at John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport.